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Mission & Vision


To commit itself to excellence in thought and action, seeks to impart a broad knowledge, skills and to mould attitude needed for careers in Engineering, Technology, Management and other niche area of higher education, etc., by careful guidance and instructions for self learning in both formal and informal modes.


Traditionally believing that God is the source of all Truth, Goodness and Beauty, Lingaya’s Group society seeks to develop in students a wisdom that translates academic achievement into responsible citizenship, sincere professional service, a deep respect for life and beauty in God’s creation and Recreation.

Lingaya’s GVKS IMT has the following special characteristics:
☛ Lingaya’s GVKS IMT is an Institution for providing a student with opportunity for all round development and education with the aim of effective living as a good citizen.
☛ It has special strength in the field of Engineering and Technology with emphasis on practice and problem solving skills.
☛ The primarily value of knowledge and skill imparted by Lingaya’s GVKS IMT resides in its utility in creating an infrastructure for the physical welfare of the general public, in sustaining good health of individual and the community.
☛ Lingaya’s GVKS IMT facilitates and promotes creativity and critical thinking capabilities in its students.
☛The education in Lingaya’s GVKS IMT enhances the inherent capacity of a student with honesty, courage and fairness.

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