List of Students who have achieved Positions in various Competitions

  • Congratulations to NEERAJ KUMAR & ABHIMANYU BISHNOI for securing 2nd place in Circuit Designing under INCEPTUM-15 at G.B PANT ENGG. COLLEGE, DELHI on 31 March 2015.
  • Congratulations to NEERAJ, who was "runner-up" in event ROBO-RACE under INCEPTUM-15 at G,B,PANT ENGINEERING COLLEGE on 1/04/2015
  • NEERAJ(ECE) got "Certificate of Merit" for securing 1st in "ROBOTICS DEATH RACE" under INCEPTUM-15 at G.B. PANT ENGINEERING COLLEGE,New Delhi on 31March 2015
  • Greetings to Neeraj (ECE) for securing 1st position in....
    Event: "Magneto" (Robotics) FERVOUR 2015 organized by IEEE student branch AT:BHARTI VIDYAPEETH'S COLLEGE,New Delhi
  • Congratulations to Neeraj (ECE) for securing 2nd in event "SPRINT-O-BOT" in TREMORS-15 at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women,Delhi
  • Congratulations to Ashish Prasad for securing 1st place at Indira gandhi delhi technical university for women, Delhi in Robotics Event on 27th March 2015.
  • Congratulations to Aditya Sinha (ECE) for securing 1st Place in Sprint-O-BOT(Robotics) in TREMORS'15.0 at INDIRA GANDHI DELHI TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY FOR WOMEN,DELHI on 27th &28th March 2015
  • Congratulation to Tushar and Ankit-1st Place in "Magneto"(Robotics Event) at Bharti Vidypeeth college, Delhi on 26/03/2015
  • Congratulations to Vaibha, Ashish and Aditya for securing 2nd Place in "Blind Trial"(Robotics Event) at Ambedkar Instittue o fTechnology on 25/03/2015.
  • !!!!!!Greetings to all the students Mr.Kumar Vaibhav -II-ECE & Mr.Neeraj -II-ECE who secured third place in ROBO-RACE competition held at DELHI TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY in March 2015!!!!!!!!
  • Greetings to Mr.Neeraj -II-ECE, for securing 1st place in Robo-Hustle at USCIT (IP-Main Campus) in March 2015
  • Greetings to Mr.Neeraj -II-ECE, for securing 1st Prize in Robo-Race at NPTI, Faridabad in March 2015
  • Students of Lingayas GVKSIMT participated in Fashion Show at ZEST 2015 and got IInd prize.
    • Pranjay
    • Divyank Rana
    • Varun Sharma
    • Meeteshwar
    • Himanshu
    • Apurv
    • Simran
    • Palak
    • Avisha
    • Vasundhra
  • Following students Participated in Zest 2015 at Lingaya’s University and Secured Second Place in Group Dance and also won the cash Prize of 5000.
    • Rahul Sharma
    • Akshit
    • Yogita
    • Sushma
    • V Mounika
  • Congratulations to following students for winning First position in 2D Animation
    • ANIL MOR-12GCS05
    • NITESH-12GCS24
    • VISHAL-12GCS45
  • Congratulations to the winners of LAN GAMING from LGVKS

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